Romi Chaudhuri

Romi Chaudhuri is currently an independent researcher with an interest in folklore studies. She has completed her Master’s Degree from the University of Calcutta. Her bachelor’s degree is from the same university. She has completed her entire schooling at WWA Cossipore English School, Kolkata, West Bengal. She has also completed various certificate from recognized institutions on folklore studies and English Romantic literature.

She enjoys a wide variety of music, both Western and Indian. Having learnt Indian classical dance on and off for over a decade, she hopes to get back to it at the earliest convenience. Now, she likes to read fiction from various sources and hopes to write in her mother tongue, Bengali. Passionate about travelling, photography, folk art and artists, this budding and hopeful academic is rearing to get into a PhD course at the earliest and pursue what she has been after professionally.

In a world where kindness is at a premium, her home is a home to three cats permanently, apart from a few more who rely on her for their sustenance. She hopes to bring more awareness to animal welfare, when her position would afford her the proper opportunities.