Abrar Ali Saiyed

Ozyegin University, Turkey

Abrar Ali Saiyed is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at the Business School of Ozyegin University. Abrar Ali Saiyed earned his Fellowship in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). His specialization is in strategic management, entrepreneurship and international business. He is teaching in top business schools and universities in India. He is currently studying the migration of Muslims in the backdrop of four major communal violence in Ahmedabad City. He is also studying the process of self-development in Muslims of Ahmedabad post-2002 riots. He is running a public health center for 2002 riots victims in Ahmedabad and using their pre riots and post riots health survey and oral history he is also studying how violence and precocity structures organizational and institutional arrangements, and reciprocally, how organizations and institutions constitute precarious lives. He is writing about the issues and challenges of Muslims in India. He was also teaching a module on “Muslims in Urban India” as a part of the City program of the International Honors Program organized by the world learning organization. He is teaching courses; like Sociology of Bazaar, Conflict and Coexistence in the City and Sound in the City beyond teaching courses on strategy, innovation and international business. He works with more than 60 schools run by Muslims in Gujarat State and is trying to improve school education through teacher’s education. He is the founder of Heritage Club and the Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs. He was also selected by US Consulate General India for the International Visitor Leadership Program sponsored by the Department of States US Government.