Soham Sircar

Vidyasagar University, India

Soham Sircar is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy from Vidyasagar University, Medinipur, West Bengal. He has completed his Master’s Degree with a first class from the University of Calcutta. His bachelor’s degree is from the same university. He has completed his entire schooling at Nava Nalanda High School, Kolkata, West Bengal.

A jack of all trades trying to become a master in what he had almost left behind. Recently returned back to academia, pursuing a PhD in English literature and hoping to get back into full stride as a budding academic. Having had worked as everything from an apprentice carpenter to being in a pest control company to being in a brief stint with motorcycle modifications, he has done a lot, but never on pen and paper credibility. Literature gave him a purpose, years ago and now he is back to learn it, teach it and write in it. Let's see where this journey takes us.

He enjoys Western music from Tchaikovsky to Pink Floyd, from the Grunge music of the 90’s to The Beatles. Having played instruments ranging from the guitar, violin, harmonica to the melodica, he also has a degree in Rabindra Sangeet from recognized institutions. Now, he likes to read and write poetry, exclusively writing in his mother tongue, Bengali, and hopes to publish his poetry someday. Passionate about photography, traveling, and motorcycling, this budding and hopeful academic is an eclectic mix of opposites.

In a world where so many animals are hungry and in distress, he hopes to make a positive change by using his prospective academic position at some point in the future.

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